What is Discretionary Leave? If the Home Office does not recognise you as a refugee or a person who qualifies for humanitarian protection, the Home Office may give you another type of temporary permission to stay in the UK. This permission is called 'discretionary leave to remain'. How long you are allowed to stay will depend on your circumstances, but it is unlikely to be more than two and a half years initially.


The Home Office will only give you discretionary leave to remain in limited circumstances. If you apply to renew it when it expires, the Home Office will review your circumstances before deciding whether to give you further permission to stay. You will not be able to apply for permanent residence until you have lived in the UK for at least six years (or 10 years in some cases).


To extend your residence permit or apply for permanent residence, you will need to complete the relevant application form with supporting documents and representations.

Immigration, Assylum and Nationality Fees

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