Here at Solomon Shepherd, we have extensive experience in dealing with Immigration appeals against decisions made by an Entry Clearance Officer and immigration Officers.  We have a very high success rate of appeals which is due to expertise of our legal team who are all Solicitors. 

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Appealing against a refusal of entry to the UK will depend on the type of application and the reasons for refusal. The Entry Clearance Officer or the Immigration Officer must provide a detailed written refusal notice, explaining their decision and whether you have appeal rights. There are limited grounds under which you can bring an appeal against a refusal for a visitor’s visa. Please contact our Solicitors for help.

Non Visa Nationals and those who travel without entry clearance, who are refused entry, may not have appeal rights and would be required to leave the UK and apply for an entry clearance in the country of residence before you try to travel to the United Kingdom again.


Immigration Appeals, following a refusal of Leave to Remain or Entry Clearance can be both a stressful and daunting experience. When a visa is refused, we know how much stress and difficulty you are placed under at that particular moment.

The Immigration and Asylum Chambers hear appeals on asylum, immigration and nationality matters. The role of the First-tier Tribunal is to hear and decide appeals against decisions made by the Home Office in the UK and/or at diplomatic posts abroad who can issue visas.

Here at Solomon Shepherd Solicitors, we peruse your Notice of Refusal, identifying the entire legal basis on which an appeal can be lodged. We draft the grounds and lodge the appeal on your behalf. We collate the relevant documents, witness statements and prepare the trial bundle to be used at the hearing. 


We are proud to say that we have pooled together the wealth of experience and knowledge of our team and as a result, have developed an impressive track record in winning immigration appeals. We have also obtained outstanding results for clients following the submission of an immigration appeal, in several cases  without the matter actually reaching the Tribunal.

With many of those immigration appeals that actually proceed to a full appeal hearing, a large number of them are allowed on the day itself, which is excellent. This saves time and stress for the client and we work hard to front load immigration appeals so the other side has all of the facts very early on in the appeal process. We believe this is good practice and place our client’s interest first. 



If you are overseas and have applied for a UK visa which has been refused, you will have 28 days to appeal this decision from receipt if you have been granted a right of appeal (depending on method of service). The appeal must be lodged before this date expires.

Immigration Appeals from within the UK
From within the UK, depending on the nature of refusal, you normally have 10 working days to lodge an appeal to the Tribunal, if given the right of appeal.

The Benefits of Appealing an Immigration Decision:

  • An Immigration appeal avoids the need to lodge a fresh application which attracts a further fee. You will enjoy the ability to live and work in the UK with your loved ones.
  • If your immigration appeal is successful, you will be granted the relevant leave to enter/ leave to remain (in) the UK.
  • As our legal challenges are thoroughly and meticulously prepared, often our cases are settled early without the need to attend a hearing. This saves time, money and avoids the anxiety associated with Tribunal hearings.
  • Should the case proceed to a full hearing, we work very closely with some of the leading barristers in the UK to bring a successful and swift outcome to your case.
  • We will guide you and explain exactly what is required to win your case so you do not need to worry.

Our immigration appeals success rate is outstanding

Another recent introduction into the UK Immigration Law System is that of re-entry bans. Depending on your circumstances in the UK and/or how you left the UK (i.e. over stayers, illegal entrants, etc.) and in what category you are seeking to return, you can face a re-entry ban of between 1 year, 5 years or 10 years depending on your circumstances. In such cases, ignorance really is no defence. The effects are very serious and can have massive repercussions from often innocent mistakes. Solomon Shepherd Solicitors however, have practical experience in successfully handling such decisions and overturning them.

Solomon Shepherd Solicitors are experts at spotting such errors and challenging them successfully, so Contact Us for representing your immigration case today.


The need for a Judicial Review occurs when an application for leave to remain or any other form of UK entry clearance has been refused. In the majority of cases there is no right to appeal against a refusal decision and the only option left available is to apply for a Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal or the High Court.
Solomon shepherd solicitors immigration team have years of experience in preparing and presenting Judicial review applications with vast knowledge and expertise of UK Immigration Law that can challenge Home Office decisions in the High Court.
Whatever your situation, our network of UK Immigration Experts can assist you, giving you practical advice on whether to appeal against your refusal by way of a Judicial Review. They can inform you of the possible outcome, the likely costs and other options by which you may appeal.