Ancestry Visas enable Commonwealth Nationals who have a Grandparent who was born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man to enter the UK for a period of five years. 

Commonwealth Nationals with a Grandparent born in the Republic of Ireland prior to 31 March 1922 are also eligible to apply for a UK Ancestry Visa. We recognize that every case has its own merits and an Immigration Expert will assess all of the relevant information surrounding your Ancestry Visa.

It is very important that an expert covers every detail of your case because only then can they fully inform you of the best way to move your case forward.

UK Dependency Visas

A UK Dependency Visa is designed to allow applicants to join family members who are present and settled in the UK. This is dependent on your dependency on that family member.

Please contact our Solicitors who will be able to guide you through the requirements of this category.

Immigration, Assylum and Nationality Fees

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